Oracle Maintenance Kits


Maintenance kit without spring – $180
Maintenance kit with springs – $235

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The maintenance of your Oracle turntable will not necessarily involve replacing the springs unless you are planning
to replace the tonearm. This is why our maintenance kits are available with or without suspension springs. These springs
have been designed for a load bearing capacity far superior to their application. They will last many years! The
maintenance kit contains the following;
-Three upper spring damper set and nylon
-Three sorbothane suspension damper ring
-Three inner-spring felt dampers
-A replacement drive belt
-A syringe of bearing oil
-A suspension calibration tool
-Cleaning cloth
-Bottle of Brillance* cleaner product
-Optional set of four replacement springs
(white, yellow, green and red)

Note: A stiffer blue sring is available. For example if someone plans to use a FR64 tonearm with a B60 stabilizer the right
side spring ought to be stiffer. It is possible to customize the colors of the springs you order in the maintenance kit to suit
your needs.