Vertere Reference Tonearm (New Gen.)

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Push the boundaries of analogue reproduction. The state-of-the-art Vertere Reference Tonearm transforms any high-end record playing system.

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Every part of the Vertere Reference Tonearm has been individually designed and manufactured to overcome the shortcomings of existing tonearms. Each detail is meticulously engineered and contributes to the excellence of the whole. Performance is enhanced to a level of resolution, clarity, dynamics, timing and sheer power that is normally associated with live music.

Why Reference Tonearm?

  • The unique Vertical & Horizontal pivoting motion is provided by non-rotating Kevlar. The result is the first truly ‘noiseless’ and stiction-free tonearm bearing.

  • The main counterweight is articulated in the vertical and horizontal planes through precision ball race bearings. To ensure proper tracking even on warped records.

  • For ideal rigidity, the arm tube & head shell are machined from solid titanium then fuse welded to form a homogenous component.

  • Horizontal & Vertical bearings are offset by 23mm to optimise tracking accuracy and information retrieval.

  • Anti-skate force is applied using microns thick non-resonant, frictionless silicone polymer strip.

  • Unique Transit Clamping System which allows secure transportation keeping the arm/cartridge safe and perfectly setup. This ensures exact performance after shipment and reinstallation. The use of the clamp also assists with mounting the cartridge safely and precisely.

  • Custom built lift/lower mechanism, precision engineered to ensure smooth, firm & accurate cueing.