Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeaker


A full range, 3 way speaker with anti-turbulence rear bass reflex and an unmistakable look inspired by the Tuscan landscape.

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Made in Italy

Iconic design, high-quality materials and extreme care during assembly. XT-7 is the voice of Italy.

Medium Spaces

A loudspeaker specifically designed for middle sized listening rooms. Positioned near the posterior wall, XT-7 has a good sensitivity and remarkable dynamics and detail.

Easy Listening

Quick and speedy reproduction together with a balanced timbre and low distortion make of this loudspeaker a product able to gift hours and hours of good music without any listening fatigue.

Big Soundstage

With a “panoramic“ system on the horizontal level it is able to recreate a realistic virtual soundstage freed from the limits of the listening room.