Burmester Phase 3 Retro Style


161 All-in-One, including loudspeaker pair B15, housing in white, black and red

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Phase 3 is an extension to the traditional product lines of our house, joining ultimate demands on sound quality with musical culture and modern lifestyle in a perfect blend. Phase 3 consists of the digital 161 All-in-One and two B15 Loudspeakers. The 161 All-in-One is technologically based on the 151 Musiccenter, yet offers an integrated power amplifier.

Phase 3 Retro Style

The design-oriented concept of Phase 3 Retro Style incarnates the timelessness of the Bauhaus style steel tube furniture. Below the 161 All-in-One a separate compartment can house connected devices like e.g. a set-top box or sat receiver, integrating them with the design ambition of the entire system. Phase 3 stands for uncompromising high-end sound, intuitive ease of operation via iPad and Burmester app, it provides a fast access to thousands of musical pieces and combines these benefits with the design of a modern living ambience.

B15 Loudspeaker

The B15 Loudspeaker has been perfectly tuned to the design and the high-end sound ambitions of the Phase 3 systems. The speakers are adjustable in height to ensure an optimum listening situation under all living area conditions. The B15 speakers combine the neutral sound character of the Burmester B10 Loudspeaker with an extended low-end reproduction.