Power Company SubStation-Model RGPC SS

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This product was traded-in by a Brooks Berdan customer toward the purchase of a new item. It is in excellent condition and has been tested in our shop and has been found to be in good working order. Please call us at (626) 359-9131 if you have any questions about its condition and color. Photo from manufacturer.

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AV Grade Magnetics for Clean Pure Power

AC Power Purification and Isolation

The RGPC SubStation utilizes AV Grade Transformer design and galvanic derived grounding, to eliminate ground loops and isolate AC interference (Electrical Pollution) from other equipment in the AC power System.

The 240V/120V design allows for efficient, balanced and coordinated powering of your equipment, which results in both greater dynamics and up to 400 more watts headroom than a 120V circuit can provide.

The RGPC SubStation employs an All Mode Balanced Surge Protection Design (SPD) to ensure Bidirectional Protection and Reduced Ground Interference.