McIntosh MC7100


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• All power transistors have limits for the maximum amount of power they can handle. The MC7100 output transistors and power supply have been designed to allow very high current flow into properly matched load impedances. However, if a short circuit or very low load impedance is connected to the MC7100 outputs, destructive current levels could be reached if it was not controlled by the SENTRY MONITOR circuit.

• All power transistors have limits to the maximum amount of heat they can safely tolerate. The MC7100 uses a highly efficient amplifying circuit which produces relatively little heat for the output power produced. The amplifier uses large area heat sinks to efficiently dissipate what heat it does generate. Natural convection air flow is sufficient for safe cool operation.

• A unique and patented feature of Mclntosh power amplifiers insures that each channel of the MC7100 will deliver full power, free of clipping distortion. A Mclntosh power amplifier with POWER GUARD will always deliver its maximum distortion free output. This power is always well above the rated power due to the Mclntosh philosophy of conservative design.

Performance limits are the maximum deviation from perfection permitted for a Mclntosh instrument. We promise you that when you purchase a new MC7100 from a Mclntosh Franchised Dealer, it will be capable of performance at or better than these limits.