Jadis PA100


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150 Watt Stereo Amplifier

The PA100 is a redesign of the much-loved DA7 and a major upgrade sonically. It features: a new circuit design, point-to-point wiring in all critical signal paths, upgraded components, external tube protection and massive output and power transformers.

The new PA100 is poised to effortlessly drive any loudspeaker with dynamic refinement and grace. It produces a wide and deep soundstage, a beautifully neutral and liquid midrange with deep, taught, fast bass. As with the DA7 the all-new PA100 is the perfect “all-rounder” reasonably priced and outstanding value.

Tube complement is: 12 KT120, 2 ECC83 and 4 ECC83 tubes. 150 watts, Class AB, manual bias. Each tube is protected by a fuse and the amps are manual bias. Weight 121 lbs.