Vertere Analogue Interconnect

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HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable

Preserve the signal from source to amplifier with complete integrity, Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is Vertere’s absolute reference.

For all stereo interconnect applications, both Line Level and Pre Out, Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is the absolute reference connection. Internally, the conductors are configured and optimised differently to the tonearm cable to provide unrestricted dynamics while preserving the intricate low-level detail. The constant noise floor of line level, or varying noise floor of pre out, is kept so low in the background that the result is an unequivocally life-like musical experience.

The internal signal conductors preserve even the most intricate harmonic structure of the music as well as the most dynamic signals all occurring simultaneously.

Pulse HB combines real, instantaneous dynamics with total clarity at all volume levels and settings. This level of detail, accuracy, control and dynamics, elevates the experience of listening to music to a live performance standard. Pulse-HB is truly exceptional and without peer.

Vertere Pulse-R Cable System gives reference-standard performance. Bringing reference performance in its own right, Vertere Pulse-R Cable System ‘preserves’ the audio signal and is closest to Vertere’s remarkable Pulse-HB.

The Vertere Pulse-R cable system is the closet in design and performance to the benchmark Pulse-HB cable. Utilising conductors and construction principles contiguous with the HB hand-built version provides a path to the highest performance in audio reproduction. The Pulse-R benefits from a version of the HB Hairline conductor and secondary shielding that is required to achieve the level of performance only expected from our reference cables.

Experience the essence of music with Vertere Redline Cable, derived from reference-standard Pulse-R and bringing life-like dynamics to every performance.

The Vertere Redline cable system is derived from Pulse-R Interconnect Cable and follows the same design principles preserving the essence of the analogue audio signal. Redline cable is double shielded with seven independent conductors per channel facilitating different configurations to ensure optimum musical performance, clarity and life-like dynamics for both tonearm and stereo interconnect cables. Redline analogue cable connectors are all bespoke and all contacts are specially gold plated to 3 times standard gold plating thickness.

Vertere Pulse D-Fi Cable System brings real musical quality to portable devices.

Transform your musical experience. Vertere Pulse D-Fi Cable will optimise iPods, tablets, notebooks, headphones, home computers, hi-fi and AV systems.

Today, music is wanted on demand – anytime, anywhere – and Vertere Pulse D-Fi Cable is ready to play a vital role in almost any situation. The myriad of portable devices continue to grow as does derivative products like headphones and portable DACs. This has created a desire to have ‘real’ musical quality even while on the go! Vertere’s research has proved that most of the portable devices available have the potential for high-quality audio performance. Critically this is only achieved as long as they are connected with correctly and specifically designed cables.

New generations of music listeners hold functionality in high regard, but they also respond equally to quality of performance from their devices. D-Fi delivers this key ingredient of satisfaction and reward that makes all the difference when listening to the music they love! D-Fi brings the music!