Jadis JP30 MC MkII



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With the addition of an outboard power supply, the JP 30 MC MkIII offers a significant step up in sonic performance from the JPL. The outboard power supply reduces noise further allowing the delicate musical signal to come through in all its glory so you’ll hear tonal shades, delicate syncopations and musical expression like never before.

For vinyl lovers, the new JP30MC MkIII includes a first-rate phono stage and incorporates several improvements over previous versions. The moving coil phono stage now utilizes Lundhal step up transformers for simplicity of cartridge loading and improved signal purity. Additional upgrades include tube regulation of the outboard power supply, double-sided heavy copper trace circuit boards and custom output coupling capacitors built to Jadis’ rigid specifications.


The JP30 MC MkIII features dedicated MM and Lundhal coupled MC phono inputs for outstanding musicality on vinyl listening. Double-sided 70u Heavy copper trace circuit boards optimize signal transparency. The JP30 MC MkIII offers the ability to match gain setting on the various line level inputs and utilizes premium passive parts including select wire and specialized capacitors for optimal fidelity. Other features include: tube regulated power supply, and as will all Jadis; products a non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis and handmade in Villdubert, France,

The JP30MC MkIII uses 6 x ECC83, 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84. It offers three line inputs, and two RIAA phono inputs; one MM and one MC. Gain is 26dB on the line inputs, 59dB on the MM and 80dB on the MC. Bandwidth 5Hz to 75KHz. Two chassis design with a total weight of 55 lbs.