Jadis Orchestra Black


Specially upgraded North American model delivers best-in-class performance and value.

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Like the Orchestra Reference, the Orchestra Black is a hybrid design featuring a solid state preamp and tube output. Incorporating several cost-cutting cosmetic features, the North American specific Black model includes a black faceplate with silver knobs, black acrylic end caps along with “nude” transformers.

With innovative upgrades building on the Orchestra Reference, such as the use of the more robust 6CA7 variant of the famous EL34 output tube, the Orchestra Black delivers sound closer to the rest of the Jadis models while still being priced at a level within reach of any music lover.  When you combine this classic 40 watt EL34 derived design with Jadis’ custom, hand-made transformers, polished non-magnetic surgical stainless steel chassis and point-to-point wiring, the result is stunning musicality and incredible value.