Jadis JA30 MkII



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The new Jadis JA30 MkIIs are not only emotionally engaging, they also pack a punch. The new MkII version brings several evolutionary upgrades offering enthusiasts an extremely musical and natural sound. Often considered a “Sweet Spot” for Jadis amplification, the JA30 MKII plays exceedingly tuneful bass with convincing control and extension all the while providing the glorious midrange Jadis is known. These 30 watt pure Class A monoblocks have an open and extended treble that really lights up a performance from within.

With the upgrade of a new proprietary C-Core Output Transformer the MkII version can very competently handle demanding loudspeakers and the JA30 MkII delivers the drive and control superior to that of other amplifiers with higher power specifications. Thus the new JA30 MkIIs make Jadis performance more accessible to more audiophiles with a wider range of loudspeakers at a more affordable price point.

Tube complement is: 4 KT120, 2 ECC82 and 2 ECC83 tubes. Each tube is protected by a fuse and the amps are autobias. Weight 48 lbs. each.