offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.

Spendor D7

offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.

Spendor D7

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Spendor D-Line loudspeakers combine cutting-edge research and technical innovation with real-world design. They bring captivating sound quality to the music you love and fit easily and unobtrusively into any setting.

Compatible with all good amplifiers, the floorstanding D7 and D9 deliver exceptional resolution and low-frequency power, communicating a vibrant realism to music of all genres. With their slim enclosures and smart modern finishes, they’re easy to place in dedicated listening rooms or everyday living spaces.

All D-Line loudspeakers draw on Spendor's research into cabinet damping, advanced polymers, amplifier-loudspeaker interface, low-frequency airflow and sound behaviour. An inspiring and satisfying choice for audiophiles and discerning music-lovers.


  • Spendor LPZ high frequency driver
  • Fifth Generation Twin-Venturi Linear-Flow port
  • Spendor EP77 Polymer cones
  • Kevlar composite cone low frequency bass drivers
  • Spendor Dynamic Damping cabinet technology
  • Four elegant natural veneer finishes with premium options
  • Multi-Award winning
  • Calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standard
  • British design and manufacture

Description: 2.5-way floorstanding
Drive Units: 2 x LF 180mm, HF 22mm
H x W x D: 980 x 192 x 333mm
Weight: 21kg
Response: 29Hz - 25kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Amplifier: 25-250watts
Crossover: 900Hz, 4.2kHz

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