offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.

Spendor Classic 2/3

offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.

Spendor Classic 2/3

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Over five decades Spendor Classic loudspeakers have earned iconic status as the reference standard for many audiophiles, musicians and professional sound engineers. Inspired by the enthusiastic world-wide response following the introduction of Spendor's flagship Spendor SP200, in 2017 they introduced the most significant performance improvements ever across all Spendor models.

Spendor's new models are built around a totally new generation of Spendor drive units. Featuring advanced polymer and Kevlar cones, cast magnesium alloy chassis, high-efficiency motor systems, optimised electro-dynamic damping and excellent thermal dissipation, they deliver a truly captivating sound with unprecedented transparency and dynamic contrast

With meticulously refined crossover networks, enhanced cabinet structures, new elastomer panel damping and new style magnetic grilles, Spendor Classic loudspeakers deliver music with the captivating warmth and charm of the 70s originals. Refined and perfected over five decades, Spendor Classic offers the ultimate in pure listening pleasure for serious audiophiles.


  • Spendor EP77 polymer cone drive units
  • Bass drivers with Kevlar composite stabiliser domes
  • Magnetic grilles
  • Two elegant natural veneer finishes – Cherry and Dark Walnut
  • Calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standard
  • British design and manufacture

Description: 2-way reflex stand mount
Drive Units: LF 210mm, HF 22mm
H x W x D: 543 x 273 x 338mm
Weight: 15kg
Response: 35Hz - 25kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Amplifier: 25-200watts
Sensitivity: 88dB
Crossover: 3.6kHz

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