offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.


offered in Los Angeles by Brooks Berdan Ltd.



At Revel, science is at the heart of everything they do. While the rest of the industry focuses on shallow aesthetics, their engineers are busy in the lab perfecting the audio accuracy of their products.

Since their very first loudspeaker, they obsessively test and re-test every element so you get the most out of every product. The result is music produced with the utmost purity— music that's played the way the artist intended.

Every Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of work. Since 1996, they've relied on their technical resources, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design tools unavailable to most manufacturers to create every loudspeaker they produce. That's how they continue to set the standard for acoustical accuracy and allow Revel customers to experience a level of acoustic clarity that they've never heard before.

Revel Products

Revel F206

Revel F208

Revel F228Be

Revel F35

Revel F36

Revel Gem2

Revel M105

Revel M106

Revel M126Be

Revel M16

Revel Salon2

Revel Studio2