at Brooks Berdan Ltd.

at Brooks Berdan Ltd.

A World Class Los Angeles Audio Destination

This is LA stopped by for a quick introduction to Los Angeles' finest audio store. Watch the video above, or read the transcript below.

@estrellanouri: If you're going to drop some serious change on a sound system, are you're really going to go off some online review? I don't know about you, but I would want to talk to an expert, and that's why today I'm at Brooks Berdan. And they're going to show me what quality music is all about. So follow me and let's check it out.

Hi! How are you? Estrela.

Sheila Berdan: Sheila. Very nice to meet you.

Estrella: Very nice to meet you, too. These sound systems behind me: they are absolutely incredible!

Sheila: It's beautiful, isn't it?

Estrella: It's stunning. It's like a piece of art. I'm used to going to an electronics store, getting a stereo, taking it out of the box, and I'm done. But what's the difference here?

Sheila: Our service and our expertise comes along with that. Ken and Rick will go to customers' homes and set it up just right, and let them listen. They make sure they know how to use it and enjoy the music.

Estrella: Just like a car, it's going to need maintenance. So I bring it here? Do I have to go somewhere else? How does that work?

Sheila: Usually we can repair everything in the store. We have a full service department. We take care of it and send you out with a working unit.

Estrella: Again I'm getting in the dancing mode. Can I experience this out?

Sheila: Yes! Let me introduce you to our Director of Sales, Ken.

Estrella: Okay, let's go do it. Hi, Ken!

Ken Davis: Estrella, thanks for coming. We're so glad you're here. Right now we're in our room that we call The Palladium. This is our high-end room. This is the best of what we have to offer, or just a sampling of some of the great equipment that we have to create a musical experience that is really second to none in this room.

Estrella: How do I experience this?

Ken: I think the best way for you to experience— just let us play some music and if you have some questions, I'll tell you a little bit about some of the equipment we're listening to. S o let's have a seat on the sofa right here.

Estrella: Okay.

Ken: We experienced our music in two ways: we can stream, which is a digital experience, and we also specialize in vinyl, which is a much more organic experience. I'll start with the vinyl. How's that?

Estrella: Yeah! That sounds great!

Whoa! It feels like I'm literally there. I'm so emotionally connected.

So let's do the digital, I want to experience that as well.

Ken: Okay. So for streaming, we're going to use this iPad like it's a fancy remote control. There's no music coming in or out of here. The newest digital equipment has very high resolution, so what's happened to TV, with better and better resolutions in the picture, the same thing has happened to music with better and better resolution. And with Internet speeds going faster and faster all the time, we can stream that music effortlessly. Their sound quality really does rival that of the analog and the vinyl.

Estrella: Make sure Brooks Berdan is your next destination spot to experience music like you never have before. So now, I want to show you some stuff.