Light Harmonics

Light Harmonics Da-Vinci-Red-08The Da Vinci DAC has been garnering praise from both reviewers and audiophiles alike after first being exhibited at audiophile shows in 2011. Light Harmonic, a new Sacramento California based company, was launched in 2010 by Larry Ho. The Da Vinci resulted from Larry Ho’s desire to create a DAC that fulfilled his notion of what good digital audio reproduction should sound like. Larry is a dedicated audiophile that, among other things, enjoys vinyl reproduction with a tube-SET amp. After the Da Vinci was created, friends encouraged him to offer this product for sale. The result was Light Harmonic and their first product Da Vinci.

Why Da Vinci? 
Larry has an engineering background and has been involved with hardware and software design. Larry was dissatisfied with the current DACs available, and this dissatisfaction drove him to build a state-of-the-art design utilizing not only his own knowledge, but enlisting other designers from the USA and Germany including [German designer] Hannes Frederick, whose more than 30 years of experience in analog and high speed conversion design made significant contributions to the Da Vinci.

Every aspect of the Da Vinci was carefully thought out from its massive 61 pound vibration eliminating / heat dissipating chassis that is constructed from six blocks of CNC milled aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum to 6 dedicated power circuits with more than 40 shunt voltage regulators. Larry told me that the power supplies are discrete and avoid the use of op amps in his design. The Da Vinci is a modular design that allows easy service and upgrades if offered in the future.

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