Chord Electronics

England’s Chord Electronics is an engineering firm with a passion to make the world’s best sound.  When the best components available limit performance Chord engineers design their own, thus leading the state- of-the-art.  That’s why Chord is the choice of the top professions at : Skywalker Sound, BBC, Abbey Road, EMI, Decca, Sony, Deutsche Grammophone and more.

Chord DSX 1000

Chord amplifiers deliver the authentic tone, subtlety and musicality of the finest  tube designs with the massive dynamics, speed and control of the world’s best solid state.  It’s just not another amplifier, it’s a Chord.

The new DSX 1000, a network music player that supports all the latest high resolution formats including DSD.  The DSX 1000 features Chord’s award-winning DAC technology and can faithfully reproduce a signal all the way down to 140dB; a huge 40dB better than the world;s best DAC chip!