Did You Know That Brooks is Known as “The King of Analog”?

The extensive renovation and expansion of our brick and mortar store in Monrovia, CA means that Brooks Berdan’s amazing audio museum now has a permanent home. It is now a work in progress, but you can always stop by and see some of the exhibits. Hundreds of turntables, amplifiers, speakers, preamps, etc, etc. Even old pro tape machines and record mastering cutters. Here are just a few examples of what’s on display.

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Here is a list of everything we are selling in our museum!

If you have any questions please give us a call at (626) 359-9131


MC INTOSH MR67 Stereo FM Tuner (Tube Type) – No cabinent, Working, Excellent Condition – SOLD

Mc Intosh MC75 Mono Amp (x2) Excellent,  both original

McIntosh C24 Solid State Stereo Pre Amp No cabinent, excellent condition

Mc Intosh C22 Stereo Pre amp, Tube type no cabinent, excellent condition

Mc Intosh C28 Stereo Pre amp, Solid State, excellent condition

Audio Research SP 5 Tube Pre amp, excellent condition

Marantz Model 24 AM/FM Stereo Tuner/Console (Receiver) Excellent condition, no cabinet

HH Scott Type 130 Stereo Pre amp, Tube, No cabinent, excellent condition

Nakamichi Dragon,Audio Reverse Cassette Deck, not working, no cabinent

Hoviland Stereo Tube Amp,  Sapphire (Prototype), 40 W/channel, EL34 Tubes

Hoviland HP 100 Prototype Pre Amplifier, tube

Atmosphere OTO, Tube Amplifier, matched pair mono blocks

Kenwood Tuner _______

Audio Research Solid State Amp ________

Quad Control Unit Pre amp Type QCII

Quad FM Tuner (European connections)

Quad  II Mono block Tube Amps X 2 (European connections)

Musical Surroundings Super Nova Phono Pre amp, MM/MC

Music Reference  RM -4 Phono Pre-Preamplifier ( Moving Coil)

Mc Intosh MQ 104 Custom Environmental Equalizer

HH Scott 350, FM Stereo Tuner, Tube, Fine condition, no cabinent

Thorens TD 150 Mk 2 , belt drive, 2 speed, with tonearm good conditon

Jadis Eurythmie Mk 1  – 4 way Horn Speakers, beautiful wood with cross over

Edison Home Phonograph Cylinder Player with red Morning Glory

Dynaco FM Tuner Model FM-3  , Stereo FM Tube Tuner, nice condition

Dual CS500  3 Speed Turntable, belt drive with arm

With old Grado cartridge, with dust cover, Made in Germany, Very good condition

Mission turntable , belt drive with arm and dust cover, no cartridge, Model 775 Good condition

Thorens TD 160 Super with a Grace tonearm and dustcover, no cartridge, belt drive, good + condition

Connoisseur turntable 2 -speed with dust cover and tonearm and cartridge, good condition

B&O Beogram 3000 turntable with tonearm and cartridge with dust cover, not working

Ariston  RD 60 turntable , belt drive with tonearm and dustcover, missing record platter mat

AR -XA turntable with dustcover and tonearm, no cartridge

Wilson Watt 3’s -# 73 and # 74 with Zebra wood exterior panels, no grills

Soto Sapphire turntable with power supply, motor bad

Phillips 312 belt drive turntable with arm ,cartdridge and dustcover

Luxman PD277 turntable, direct drive with tonearm and dust cover, no cartridge, good condition

Model CJ 55 turntable and Mas tonearm and supex cartridge with dustcover, good condition

Oracle turntable, Brooks Mod, no tonearm, likely not working

Norelco 202  3 speed turntable with tonearm, cartridge and dust cover, good condition

Connisseur turntable with tonearm and dustcover

Nakamichi 582 cassette deck, not working

Ampex 600 mono tape deck, no speaker

Empire Scientific Corporation turntable Model 698, with tonearm, dustcover, belt drive with no belt, no headship, not working

VPI Model HW19 Mk 4, belt drive , with tonearm and dustcover

KLH Model 20 turntable/ AM/FM Tuner, no speakers

Systemdek IIX turntable with tonearm, Grado cartdridge, dust cover

Denon DP-47F direct drive turntable with tonearm, 2 speed

Linn LP 12 turntable with Grace tonearm, dustcover, no cartridge or mounting board

Rega Planar 25 with glass platter,tonearm, dustcover, no cartridge

Oracle Alexandria with tonearm and dust cover, no cartridge

Soto Moon Beam turntable with dust cover, tonearm and cartridge, belt drive


Sota turntable vacuum platter, no tonearm, no power supply, no vacuum pump, has a dustcover

Oracle Alexandria with tonearm, cartridge and dustcover, missing power cord

Sonographe SG-3 turntable. belt drive  with tonearm and cartridge

Rega Planar 2 turntable with a Grace tonearm and Grado cartridge and dustcover

Eminent Technology LFT (Linear field transducer , Model # LFT-XI- Center Channel

Fluid couple platter, wooden base turntable

Oracle Delphi Mk 3 with Brooks’s Mod and tonearm, no cartridge

Oracle Delphi with Brooks’s Mod, no tonearm

Clear Audio turntable, no motor, with linear tracking tonearm, no cartridge

Red Rose Music- Ribbon  Speakers Model R3 with grills, good condition

Huff Loud Speaker Company, Model Huff 5,Birdseye Maple, Ribbon Tweeter