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  • Innovations in Audio Event

    NEWS from Brooks Berdan Ltd.  WINTER EVENT  ~  Saturday, January 30, 2016  11:00-6:00PM EXOTIC CARS ~ NEW PROMOS from BROOKS BERDAN ~ WHAT’S NEW IN AUDIO DESIGN WINE TASTING ~ APPETIZERS ~ REFRESHMENTS Presentations by audio industry specialists from :  Light Harmonic/LH Labs ~ Rutherford Audio ~ Bluebird Music ~ Magico ~ Reus Systems ~ Audeze Music Listening Demonstrations,  Enter to WIN A RIVA TURBO X Presentation Schedule :   11:00 AM – Norm Steinke from Rutherford Audio    “Artnovian Acoustics- Creative Acoustic Engineering” 12:00 noon- Mark Cohen from Audeze    “ The Quality and Value of High End Headphones”    1:00 PM – Peter MacKay from Magico Loudspeakers     “ Superior Design, Superior Performance”                             2:00 PM – Norm Steinke of Rutherford Audio  “What matters with Audio Cartridges?”    3:00 PM – Rick Reus from Reus Audio    “High End Car Audio”    4:00 PM – Jay Rein from Bluebird Music    “Chord Electronics Superior Solid-State Designs”    5:00 PM – Gavin Fish and Larry Ho from Light Harmonic / LH Labs    “Delivering on the Promise of High Resolution USB Audio”   To RSVP – Please call us at (626) 359-9131 or email   ARTNOVIAN ACOUSTICS ~ AUDEZE ~ CHORD ~ LIGHT  HARMONIC/LH LABS ~ MAGICO ~   […]

  • LA Audiophile Society Event

    Thank you to David Levinson for providing these photos too us! We were so busy having fun that we forgot to take photos of our LA Audiophile society event!  Below you can see all the photos we have of the event. Thank you to all those who came, we had a blast. For those of you who […]

  • Little Women & Little Guys by Alcott Timeline of Activities

    Daggumit, show me HOWTO drop income faster a young and nave Dr. Anderson directed his accountant. I am talking about, I recently spent $175,000 on an investment house and I cant write that off in 2013 but rather 27 years instead? Thankfully for me personally, the accountant was comprehension and individual. As numerous of you […]

  • Addressing Talents and Flaws for a Nurse Meeting

    Who justifies a possibility that is second? In a interview this week with, opened the likelihood of there being fully a up ” what if?” year, one where formerly contestants who quit under unlucky situations return for another photo. Jeff listed two distinct examples: Mike Skupin from “Sydney” (who fell in a fire) and Hunter […]

  • Steps to Make an Outline to get a Fourth Grade Research-Paper

    Household chores would be the femaleis obligation – all areas of a partnership should really be distributed between companions. Because condition, girls often handle nearly all the best site to get essays domestic obligations. Because some men have this oldfashioned notion regarding women and household chores, they anticipate the ladies to work full time and […]

  • The Least Expensive Online Baccalaureate in the World

    A fresh type of a custom publishing assistance “Write Our Research-Paper” Demand Answered Quickly Editing and writing an investigation paper for university or your college, can be a real challenge of experiencing other jobs to do contrary to the history,. Students often don’t have time to finish this task, together with not having the ability […]

  • Sound Impressions of the new Dynaco ST70x

    Since we heard that Hafler was back and starting production of the most famous tube amp from the 70s and 80s we have been ecstatic to get this in to the showroom to listen too it. At The Show Newport we were so busy running our rooms that we didn’t have a chance to go listen to the […]

  • Just how to Describe a Study Report

    Creating essays might be used! The essay reveals a great command of language. The standard manner of article writing can acquire tedious for pupils. There are numerous types of essays. Week would be to begin a powerful article writing. Pupils will further imbibe the best way to compose their unique powerful essays utilizing all these […]

  • How exactly to Create an Evaluation Document with Test Documents

    In until you have examined for these frequent problems do not turn your report. On editing enhance your essay writing enable these tips! Format and Organization Editing is royalessays service among the most important elements of essay writing. Before you switch them prevent common composition pitfalls by finding your faults. Start by checking the format/firm […]